Field Goal Rules

Easy to Play 

  • Players place Ante wagers  
  • Goal Posts are set from Dealer's "Post" card
  • Dealer's card Ace of Diamonds- all players win (even money)
  • Players take turns getting up cards from the Dealer
  • Players choose "High" or "Low" when the "Post" card is  Ace, 6, 7, 8, 9 (Gold spots)
  • "Referee"  is set one spot beyond the highest Goal Post spot (or on 8 if Ace high) 

Side Bets 

  • Other Players may place wagers at any time
  •  "Good" - you are wagering on the Player winning (card dealt is within the Goal Posts or Ace of Diamonds) 
  • "Wide"- you win when the Player card is outside the Goal Posts and beyond the Referee spot.


  • Ante wagers and "Good" wagers pay even money
  • Matching the Dealer's "Post" card pays even money
  • "Wide" wagers pay even money except....
  • on Referee spot- Club, Spade, Heart push and Diamond loses


  • Player can keep wagering until losing and may increase or decrease Ante wagers during the winning streak.
  • Or pass to the next player at any time 
  • When Player wins more than three times, the next Player may reset the Goal Posts or leave as is.

Good Luck!

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